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“Charm City Fitness has something for everyone…”

Charm City Fitness has something for everyone. I started out with Bootcamps and have since tried their GroupX classes, personal training, small group training, as well as various programs they run to help with getting ready for races and getting back in shape. The best part of CCF is that you feel like you’re part of a team that has your back. The trainers at CCF want you to succeed in making fitness a lifestyle and they provide much needed accountability and motivation to stick with it!

Ashlene (Yelp)

“They helped me prepare for my first triathlon…”

Can’t say enough good things about my experience at Charm City Fitness. The staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and mostly importantly, unpretentious. This is truly a place everyone…regardless of fitness level. In addition to great professional instruction, you’ll really have fun with the staff and look forward to your sessions. They helped me prepare for my first triathlon and I really couldn’t have done it without them. Highly recommend!

John (Yelp)

“Charm City Fitness meets you where you are, and gets you where you want to be. “

I’m starting my third full year as a client at Charm City Fitness. A very long time ago I was very much a gym rat and avid runner; but somewhere along the line — after raising 4 kids, a career, divorce, and then SURPRISE! breast cancer — I fell out of the fitness lifestyle. It was after completing chemo that I realized I wasn’t standing up straight. I needed help to get in and out of the shower. I shuffled when I walked. And I was 59 years old. And bald. Somehow, I didn’t see myself joining Merritt and working out with the people I used to be. I found Charm City Fitness while desperately searching the Internet for a personal trainer who could help me start putting myself back together. It was very close by, the trainers/owners, Jodi and David, appeared well qualified, and I knew I needed a lot of help. So I made an appointment. Nervous does not begin to describe how I felt walking into a gym that day! It is a small space, every inch used to its absolute maximum with carefully selected, high quality equipment. It feels sleek and modern, yet all business. It’s appointment only. You make a “commitment” (sign a contract) for a specified number of sessions per week. These sessions are scheduled. You don’t walk in when you feel like it. You tell them your goals, they do an assessment, and from then on its all about you, the client. Charm City Fitness meets you where you are, and gets you where you want to be. Most of the clients seem to be young and strong and want to get even stronger, run faster, weigh a little less maybe, and they do boot camp and lift serious weight and set PRs in the Baltimore Marathon. I know there have been clients as young as 17, and I know there’s at least one client who is over 90. But everybody in there is very serious about their fitness goals and they want serious, safe guidance to reach those goals. In my case, from day one, the very first session (where I did 3 sets of stand-up/sit down, 5 reps per set), I walked out feeling not only a tiny bit stronger, but a tiny bit more confident that I was maybe on the right track to health and fitness. There were immediate and tangible physical results, mental results, and emotional results. Today I’m strong enough to jog up there, do my weights and give David a hard time about his often terrible jokes. I might not look like a miracle, but I feel like a miracle. I would strongly encourage any individual, any age, any size, any fitness level, who wants personalized, highly structured, intense support to look at this resource on Eastern Avenue in Canton. Jodi and David know exactly how to help you get where you want to be.

Sallie (Facebook)

“From bootcamps, power hour to personal training CCF was the reboot I needed…”

Needing to get back into a workout routine after relocating to Baltimore, I located Charm City Fitness and couldn’t be happier with the results. From bootcamps, power hour to personal training CCF was the reboot I needed. I achieved great results and more importantly really enjoyed all of the workouts. I recently had my first child and by working with CCF was able to continue my routine (although modified) throughout my entire pregnancy. Now I’m looking forward to CCF getting me back to my pre pregnancy fitness level.

Sara (Facebook)

“CCF is my fitness home!”…

CCF is my fitness home! Love the support, energy, and being held accountable. The trainers are always coming up with fun new exercises, and they make getting and staying in shape easier than doing it alone. Definitely not your standard gym!

Jess (Facebook)

“…I can truly say that I view Charm City Fitness trainers as essential partners in my health maintenance routine.!”

Dear Jodi and Dave, Just a short note to thank you again for your commitment to the health and fitness of your clients. Before I began as a Charm City Fitness client, my attempts to re-start my training routine after struggling with a chronic condition were continually sidetracked by injuries. I began to feel as if I were slated to stay in the purgatory of physical rehab; as if I would never again be able to aspire to or attain a level of fitness comparable to that which I'd been privileged to previously enjoy. I'd never thought about enlisting a personal trainer and my coming to Charm City was an act of desperation (smile). But now, 16 months later, I am STILL injury free — my longest injury free stretch in years! — and I can truly say that I view Charm City Fitness trainers as essential partners in my health maintenance routine. Some might view personal training services as a luxury. But for those of us who are challenged by physical and health issues or are just aging athletes, an investment in the services of Charm City Fitness is an investment in self, long term health, and fitness — and in the long run, that is an investment well worth making. Thanking you again,

A. Adar


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