Fitness in Baltimore Just Got Better!

Charm City Fitness is Baltimore’s premier, private, personal training studio. There is no waiting for equipment. There are no membership dues. We understand the need for efficient, effective workouts for the on-the-go, busy professional. We provide our clients with all the tools they need to be successful, including nutritional and fitness analysis, and nutritional guidance, as well as private, one-on-one workouts that surpass their goals and meet their time constraints.

At Charm City Fitness, a highly qualified personal trainer custom designs exercise regimens for each and every client, because each individual has unique needs. Personal trainers will inquire about each individual’s fitness goals are and will cater their program to meet those aspirations. Whether someone has special needs, is seeking out training for rehabilitative purposes, or just wants to spice up their exercise and nutrition programs, a certified personal trainer can do all of the above.

Charm City Fitness personal trainers are qualified to work with you on a variety of exercise programming designs. They can aid in postural and elongation goals with a CORE exercise program. If it is a functional type of workout you want, or just a circuit training routine, ask and explore the possibilities of what may work for you. Whether your training involves BOSU balls, stability balls, medicine balls, power bands, free weights, or your own bodyweight, we are fully equipped and qualified to guide you to your perfect fitness program.


We can help with the following:

  • overall weight loss or weight gain
  • body fat reduction
  • lean muscle increases and toning
  • increasing flexibility or reducing muscle tightness
  • rehabilitating an injury
  • contest preparation for bodybuilding, fitness, sports and/or figure competitions, and power-lifting competitions
  • pre/post natal exercise programming
  • general health benefits (including reducing cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, and increasing metabolism)
  • improving cardiovascular capacity
  • assisting special populations (senior exercise)
  • sports-specific training



Open 5am-11pm


3039 Eastern Ave.
Baltimore,MD 21224

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